Completeist lists were official discographies by KLF. They were usually included with Information Sheets or letters. Lists shouldn't be taken literally. If something is listed, it doesn't necessary mean that it exists or was ever recorded. However, theses lists could show what they were planning to release.

February 1988 Edit

Was included with JAMS LP2 - Who Killed the JAMS album. CAT# KLF 001.


August 1989 Edit

Was included with Information Sheet 6.

Completeist list aug89

November 1989 Edit

KLF Completist List November 1989

January 1990 Edit

Not official completeist list, but taken from Cartel wholesale catalog. However, this list would have been compiled by Bill Drummond or Rough Trade KLF label manager Sallie Fellowes.

12513583 957376861013477 4953563976012197897 o
12594021 957377077680122 5954178016713284727 o
12615353 957377161013447 2744665131985131772 o

March 1990 Edit

Was included with Information Sheet 8.

KLF Completist List March 1990

August 1990 Edit

Was include with BIOG 010. (MISSING!)

February 1991 Edit

Cat# COMP 001


May 1991 Edit

Cat# COMP 001 (same as Feb 1991)


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