Unreleased soundtrack from the movie "The White Room". 

Scheduled as Jamslp4.

Bootleg exist

No. Title Time
1 Kylie Said to Jason 4:00
2 Eternal 4:15
3 Go to Sleep 3:35
4 Make it Rain 3:35
5 Church of the KLF 3:50
6 No More Tears 3:15
7 Build a Fire 4:53
8 Lover's Side 4:16
9 The White Room 4:24
10 Born Free 2:50


  • Bill Drummond : Vocals on 1-3,6,7,9,10
  • Jimmy Cauty :
  • Maxine Harvey: Vocals on 1-9
  • P.P Arnold: Vocals on 5,8
  • Duy Khiem: Saxophone on 2,4 (9?)
  • Graham Lee: Pedal Steel on 7
  • Mark Stent: Mixing (at least track 1)
  • Nick Coler: Keyboards on some/all tracks ??
  • Children choir: Vocals on 6


  • Most tracks was later completely remixed/remade to appear on the later official released Jamslp6
  • Lover's Side was reworked into the unreleased/uncompleted  "Sheriff of Mu Mu County"
  • Go To Sleep is closely connected with Last Train To Trancentral
  • Born Free is a cover of Andy Williams.
  • All Pure Trance sleeves say "From the White Room Soundtrack"
  • "The What Time is Love Story" was released as Jamslp4.


  • Why not What Time is Love? Appears in movie.
  • Why not Madrugada Eterna ? Appears in trailer.

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