A list of all the known versions (remix and live) of What Time is Love.

(fan-mixes,dj-mixes and covers not included).

Pure Trance EraEdit

Version Time Source Note
Pure Trance Original 7:05 KLF004T
Remix 2 7:00 KLF004T
Techno Slam  4:28 KLF004R
Primal Mix 5:57 KLF004R
Monster Attack Mix 6:28 KLF006T ???
Live At The Land of Oz 8:46 JamsLP4
The Power Mix 7:37
The Power Mix Edit 3:41
Version  1 from mislabelled power mix Same as KLF004T A?
Version 2 from mislabelled power mix Same as KLF004T B ?
Live at Helter Skelter

Stadium House EraEdit

Version Time Source Note
Live at Trancentral KLF004X
various edit's of the above how many??
LP-version  4:37 JamsLP6 incl. J&A-intro
US LP-version 5:17 incl J&A-intro
The Techno Gate 4:44 KLF004X
The Techno Gate Edit 4:14
The Wandaful Mix 6:07 KLF004X mispress
Moody Boys vs. The KLF 7:35 KLF004Y
Moody Boys vs The KLF Edit 4:07 Deep Heat 
Echo and the Bunnymen Mix 5:10 KLF004Y
Virtual Reality 6:50 KLF004Y
What Time was Love 1:36 CND
Live with Echo and the Bunnymen

America What Time is Love EraEdit

Version Time Source Note
AWTIL:Uncensored 9:02 KLF USA 04T
AWTIL: 12" 8:35
AWTIL: Promo Edit 5:24 KLF 92 Promo 1
AWTIL: Radio Edit 3:30 KLF USA 4
January: What Time is Love 7:23 KLF USA Promo 2
Acid Mix 5:49 KLF USA Promo 3

Fuck the Millenium EraEdit

Version Time Source Note
Fuck The Millenium 13:59
Radio Edit 4:18
Censored Radio Edit 4:18
Acid Brass: Version P 5:23
Acid Brass: Version K 4:33
Acid Brass: Original 4:39

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